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Consider us your "Out of Office Chief Marketing Officer."


We offer strategic marketing solutions for those that don’t have an in-house marketing team, need additional strategic support, or want to take more of a targeted and intentional approach to marketing.

No matter the level, our services are focused on growth, are tailored to your needs (and those of your clientele), and will best represent your business, align to your brand, and help achieve your financial goals.

If being a retainer client doesn't fit with what you need right now, then book one of our strategy sessions instead.

Level A

We like to think of this as the “Sampler” package.


Hey, it’s cool. We get it! You already have a team of capable people on staff and just need some extra support on the strategy side.


We can do that!


With this level, you can think of us as your strategic sounding board. We’ll work with your leadership team to develop strategic marketing plans, brand strategies, tactical planning, and business development initiatives.


We will help you identify and target your ideal clientele and supporting campaigns. We will work within your existing marketing budget, will attend your strategic planning sessions, and will provide guidance to your current team.

Level B


Also known as the “Give Me More” package.


This is where we get a little more hands-on with your business.


You get the same support from the previous level, but now we’re also working with you to set and allocate your budget, set performance targets, report on spends and return, conduct market analysis, and negotiate with your media partners.


We will act as the conduit between your internal leadership and marketing teams and will even get up close and personal with your product/service pricing and sales forecasting teams.

Level C

This is the “I’m All In” package. At this point, get used to seeing our face—a lot. Just tell us where to sit and direct us to the nearest tea shop!


You get all services from the two prior packages, but now we join the list of names that represent the company (don’t worry, we’re people-people!).


Not only are we helping to manage your marketing department, but we’ll be responsible for setting sales forecasts, performance goals to be measured against, and are accountable for the overall marketing results of your company.


We will even help establish and foster relationships with key industry stakeholders, partners, and vendors (this is where our shining people skills come in).

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