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the barrier to

book sales.

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Sell your book. Generate more revenue. Immortalize your legacy.

​Writing a book will massively benefit your visibility, speaking career, and business. And if you're successful enough to make it onto the bestseller list, you can generate millions of dollars.


But as you've now figured out, writing a book is no small task. Neither is marketing or selling it.


You've spent years taking everything you've learned and putting it into a book with the desire to spark change, challenge mindsets, and impact lives. You wanted your words to be remembered and for your name to be immortalized and known across the world.


And you invested a lot of time, money, and resources to make this happen, but then things fell flat once the book was published.

And now:

You're not seeing the book sales you wanted

You're not making enough money off royalties to supplement your income

You're not being asked to speak on your topic

You're not getting any media coverage

You're seeing low engagement on your social content

It seems like only your immediate circle knows about your book

Your following isn't growing as quick as you had expected

You're not sure what to do next to change things

The reality is, being an expert in an industry doesn't mean you're an expert at getting your book out to your intended audience.

Increasing book sales, expanding your reach, and building a strong fanbase are essential parts of getting your message heard across an increasingly crowded market. And not everyone can effectively promote their book to the right audience.

How then can you increase visibility and exposure and position yourself as the leading authority figure in your niche?

I can help with that.

As your coach, I'll guide you through the same proven roadmap I've used with many others. You'll be given the tools, training, and support needed to showcase your magnetic personality, reach a massive global audience, attract a community of loyal fans, and sell more books so you can impact, inspire, educate, and empower more people around the world through your words.

Say "YES" to:

Your book becoming the "bestseller" you always dreamed it would be

Being seen as the expert that you are

Receiving recognition for your hard work (not to mention your time and energy)

Maximizing the lifetime revenue of your book

Having a strong social media presence

Higher traffic, better conversion, more media coverage, and greater audience engagement

Creating an audience of raving fans and life-time readers (around the globe!)

A content strategy that feels effortless to implement

A marketing strategy that feels true to you and will sell your books while you sleep

Further spreading your message and teachings to the people that'd benefit from it

Sparking change through your words

Impacting the lives of your readers

Feeling in-control, empowered, confident, focused, driven, certain, and supported

So, ready to get started?


It's time to

sell more books.

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Hi, I'm Lacy!


It's so lovely to meet you. I'm a book marketer, storyteller, and your new coach!

On the professional side, I've been in marketing for over 16 years (corporate, global, and entrepreneurial) and in the writing industry for over 8.

And now, I want to help you sell your books.

I work exclusively with passionate and driven authors that are out to change the world and want to make money while doing so. If that's you, then I'm your coach!


Desk with Laptop


It's time to step into your success.

For authors, focusing on sales and marketing is crucial to generating more revenue, increasing visibility, building a fanbase, establishing credibility, diversifying revenue streams, achieving bestseller status, maximizing the lifetime revenue of your book, reaching a specific target audience, and getting media coverage.


All things essential to establishing yourself as the leading authority figure in your niche and immortalizing your legacy. No small task, right?

That's why I'm here.

I want to share my years of expertise and experience with you. When enrolled in any of the phases of my Author Mastery program, I'll give you intimate 1:1 coaching and tailored advice; identify any blind spots; provide you with new perspectives, strategies, and tools; hold you accountable; save you time and money; and increase the lifetime revenue of your books.


I want you to achieve your goals, because I believe you're worth it.

So, ready to sell more books?


Thanks for your message! I'll get back to you shortly.

Get in touch.

I can't wait to hear from you!

(no, seriously...I'm an extrovert, so I'd LOVE to hear from you!)

In the meantime, join the pack:

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