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You've published your book. AMAZING! But now...

Your book isn't making any sales

You don't know how to get your book in people's hands

You don't know how to market yourself

You don't know how to get press coverage

You don't know how to explain the value of your book

You don't know what message to use to attract your readers

You're struggling to get exposure for your book

You don't know how to grow your social media

You have low engagement on your posts

You aren't posting consistently on social

You're struggling to get book reviews

You don't now what to do next

Are you ready for a change?

Your book achieves "Bestseller" status

Your book sells constantly...while you sleep

You're sharing your personality to the right people

You're known as THE leading expert in your industry

You're being invited onto interviews to share your wisdom

You're being paid to speak at events

Your book is reaching a massive global audience

Posting on social media is easy and effortless

You're attracting a community of loyal fans

Your book is used as a valuable tool for change

You can impact, inspire, educate, and empower more people around the world through your words

Imagine if...

Ready to fully unleash your magnetic author brand identity so you can sell more books and make a larger impact?




A 1:1 coaching program designed to help non-fiction authors sell more books, raise awareness, reach a wider audience, build a global community of raving fans, and establish themselves as the leading expert in their field.

I designed this program to monetize your wisdom

and immortalize your legacy.

Oh, and to help you sell more books!

In it, I'll coach you through:


  • Building a foundation of marketing and sales strategies that will generate long-term book sales, while learning how to increase sales now

  • Taking your amazing personality (brand identity) and making it attractive to a new audience (your readers)

  • Challenging the limiting mindsets and adopted narratives that have been holding you back from achieving success

  • Optimizing your messaging

  • Identifying the right key words, phrases, and messaging that will position your book as the solution to your audience's problems

  • Setting up your social media profiles for success

  • Finding, pitching, and landing speaking gigs and media interviews

  • Generating leads and opportunity from your current network


So you can:


  • Generate more revenue (and an income that matches your worth)

  • Expand your reach and exposure

  • Build trust and credibility and be seen as the expert you are

  • Become known as the leading authority figure in your genre

  • Transition your extensive career and skills/experiences into a higher revenue stream

  • Build a global audience of raving fans whose reviews of your book practically sell it for you

  • Translate your true value across your messaging

  • Create a space of inspiration, growth, and empowerment for your readers

  • Build a legacy that will enrich the lives of so many others

Stop yearning for greatness, and let me help you achieve it.

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Attracting your ideal reader (audience).

Create a messaging strategy that will attract your ideal reader and build a global audience of raving fans.

If your book isn't selling, it means the right audience doesn't know about it. And let's face it, no matter how great your book is, no one will buy it if they haven't heard of it.


So let's revisit your readers' minds, personalities, and needs, pain points, struggles, and challenges and build a strategy that gets your book in front of the right people.

We'll discover what platforms they're on, how they make purchasing decisions, and how you can best set up your social media pages so you can spend less time "finding" them and more time "attracting" them.


You've already written your book. Now we just need to deliver it to the right audience.


Getting your
message heard.

Identify the right keywords, phrases, and power statements that will increase your reach, get you in front of the right audience, and impact change at a larger level.

The author industry is a highly competitive space; it seems like everyone is writing a book these days; how the f*** am I ever going to sell my book; what do I do now?!


Sound familiar? 


While it’s true that the industry is a highly competitive and noisy space, the good news for you is:


There’s MASSIVE opportunity to rise above and be heard for those that understand their unique position in the market and can use the right messaging (on the right platforms) to attract their ideal audience. It's all about increasing your reach and exposure and positioning you (and your book) as the solution to their problems.


Becoming a
leading expert.

Promote your magnetic Author Identity with ease and scalability so you can become known as THE authority figure in your genre/industry.

I know you, I see you, I’ve helped so many authors just like you! You have an amazing, magnetic personality and a wealth of experience and knowledge


The problem: Your book isn’t selling.


And it can’t spark change if it doesn’t sell. Let’s fix that!


We’ll showcase not only your book, but YOU as well — your teachings, skills, value, and knowledge and get you seen as the expert that you are! We'll leverage your years of experience and expertise to generate more revenue, establish trust, and build a legacy that will enrich so many lives


Increasing your
book sales!

Leverage industry relationships, promote your book like a BOSS, generate more revenue, and implement strategies that will automate your book sales.

Publishing a book is amazing. But not selling it sucks.

Not everyone is able to effectively promote their book to the right audience. That's because the game has changed.


Gone are the days where you write a book, have it published, and wait for the sales to roll in.

The great news is that there are so many amazing ways and strategies to promote your book and increase its sales. You just have to use the right ones for you and your audience. We'll determine the right social platforms, ad strategies, speaking opportunities, and digital channels (website, email, blogs, etc.) to promote your book. And then we'll connect you to the right people to help spread your message and implement strategies to automate the process for you.

It's time to remove your barriers.


What you will get.

Breakthrough Session

In this powerful 90-minute pre-program workshop, we'll identify any existing barriers and map out the best process and pathway for success for YOUR journey in this program.

($750 value)

1 to 1 Immersive Coaching

12 x 60-minute live strategy calls where we'll work through the exact tools, strategies, and actions required to unleash your full self, position you as the leading expert in your field, and implement proven strategies to sell your book. You'll get lifetime access to all recorded coaching sessions and workbooks so you revisit them whenever needed.

($6,000 value)

Live Access

Unlimited access to me via voice/messaging support as you're implementing tactics and strategies. As well as accountability check ins from me to ensure you never fall behind in the program.

($4,000 value)

Done With You Development

1:1 coaching and implementation to ensure your social media profiles, website, digital assets, and book sale platforms are best optimized for social selling, that your messaging strategy perfectly conveys the value of your book to your audience, and support through Amazon and digital/social ad development.

($2,500 value)

($13,250 TOTAL VALUE)

But that's not all...

You'll also get these really cool bonuses.

Website Audit

An audit of your existing website with tangible changes and strategies given to optimize your sales pages and convert site visitors.

($1,500 value)

Content Strategy

A review of any existing marketing materials and social media profiles and content with feedback and suggested edits to best convey your message to your ideal readers and encourage them to take action (and buy your book).

($1,500 value)

Social Media Strategy

A social media posting strategy with custom content categories and a list of content to post for each phase of your reader's buying cycle that makes consistent posting on your profiles easy and effortless.

($1,500 value)

Brand Kit

A custom visual identity (brand) kit with identified logo, font, colours, and verbiage that best represents your brand, along with social media content templates.

($2,000 value)

Resource Library

A resource library of custom"done for you" assets such as: Amazon/digital ads templates, social content calendars, press kit template, converting sales page scripts, speaking pitch scripts, media press pitch scripts, asking for book review scripts, and so much more.

($1,000 value)



"Imagine where you'll be tomorrow

if you choose to start today."

What are you waiting for?



Are you ready to see results?

To ensure I give my elite clients the absolute best focus, service, energy, and results,

I ONLY accept 6 new clients a month.

And not all applicants are admitted into my program — I want to work with clients like you: the ones with the passion, drive, and desire to push past their barriers and limits to succeed.


Pay in Full


6 Months

Pre-program Strategy Workshop

12 x 1:1 Strategy Calls

Unlimited Voice/Chat Support

(payment plan available)

VIP Option


6 Months

Pre-program Strategy Workshop

24 x 1:1 Strategy Calls

Unlimited Voice/Chat Support

(payment plan available)


This is right for you if...

You published your book but you're not making the sales you want.

You're willing and ready to make the investment to hit your goals.

You're tired of wasting time, money, and energy on tasks that don't generate revenue.

You know your message is life changing, but you're struggling to get your book into people's hands.

You invested a lot of time, money, & energy into your book, but now it's sitting on Amazon (not selling).

You agree that you need to promote your book, but you don't know how.

You want to reach a global audience, be seen as an industry expert, and sell more books.

You're fully committed to taking action to getting the results you want.

You want to be invited to share your wisdom and speak on your material.

You're not getting the following, media coverage, and audience engagement you want.

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Lacy is efficient and knowledgeable and a go-getter who can tackle any task that comes her way. She has been an incredibly valuable asset to my team.

I would highly recommend Lacy. 5 stars!


Five times Amazon Best Seller, four times Nautilus Book Award Winner, and CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40 Under 40 Winner