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Let's build something beautiful together!


Branding demands you to be authenticMarketing requires you to be intentionalSuccess challenges you to grow.

Being heart-centred doesn't mean you can't also build an empire. You can have a business that centers itself around abundance, value, and enrichment WHILE being a savvy entrepreneur that strives for greatness, demands your worth, isn't scared of investing in growth, and makes bank.

That's why I designed the Brand to Bank coaching program. It's all about monetizing your unique, beautiful brand identity.

In it, Ill coach you through:


  • Challenging your limiting mindsets

  • Daring to dream big

  • Embracing your authentic self — your unique skills, traits, values, morals, voice, and experiences (everything that makes you, you)


So we can:


  • Translate your true value across your messaging

  • Attract a quality community of fans

  • Create a space of abundance, growth, and empowerment

  • Build a magnificent business that will enrich the lives of so many others

  • Generate an income that matches your worth

Stop yearning for greatness, and let me help you achieve it.

Coaching Programs
Coaching program.


Pillar 1:
Niche identification.

Let's face it, no matter how great your offering is, not "everyone" is going to pay for it, simply because, not everyone will have a need for it.


So why spend your precious dollars and time advertising to the wrong people?


 This pillar is an in-depth dive into your audience's mind, personalities, and needs. We will discuss the importance of identifying your target audience, and I will walk you through discovering who they are, their pain points, and how your offering can best satisfy their needs. Further to this, we'll build out a messaging strategy that's targeted to each brand persona so you're speaking to them in a "language" they'll understand.

Pillar 3:
Intentional marketing.

Your business is more than just a set of goals and objectives—so too is your marketing strategy.


It is a promise to your brand of what you plan to do to uphold its values and elevate your business.

This pillar will give you a targeted marketing strategy that is intentional (and therefore, purposeful, focused, and efficient), targeted to your ideal audience, and aligned to your brand's vision. All in an easy-to-implement package (without the unnecessary "fluff").

On top of that, I'll help coach your team through the implementation, execution, and analysis of your campaigns to ensure things run as efficiently as possible.

Pillar 2:
Brand positioning.

Your brand is the storytelling portion of your journey. It is meant to highlight who you are, establish your voice, evoke emotion, spark conversation, and serve as a guide for your strategic direction.

This pillar is focused on the refinement and strengthening of your brand and its offerings.


You'll gain clarity on your voice, confidence in the value of your offer, and an understanding of your unique position in your market and how you can best serve your audience.

As an added bonus, the brand strategy segment will leave you with a clear path to promoting and communicating your brand's story so you will be heard in a highly competitive and noisy space.

Pillar 4:
Client acquisition & retention.

You'd be surprised at how many potential clients (or connections to clients) are sitting in your "followers" or "acquaintances" lists. In addition, at how much revenue is left on the table by not getting to know your clients and therefore missing out on the opportunity to provide/sell more of your quality services that could actually help them (while earning you more money).


This pillar is all about monetizing your network, building quality referral relationships, networking like a boss, being strategic in your efforts, and being the ultimate value-add for your clients.


There's an art to networking and client management, and I'm going to teach it to you.

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"...amazing to work with."

Lacy Lieffers with Black Fox Marketing is amazing to work with. Having never built a Brand Strategy, I was nervous and did not know what to expect.


Lacy put me at ease by explaining the process and listening intently to my business plan and where I saw my company going in the future. The tools she has created are straightforward and were very effective at establishing a strong Brand Positioning and creating a voice for my company.


Lacy worked with me through every step of the process and was always available for questions. I am very grateful to have worked with Lacy as she is a leading professional in her field. I highly recommend Lacy Lieffers and Black Fox Marketing.


- Founder, FIERCE YXE

"...she helped us bring our vision to life."

We worked with Lacy on a marketing strategic plan and creating our ideal customer personas.

She helped us identify everything we'd like to see in terms of positioning our company in a concrete and straight forward way.

We also had a lot of fun in the process as she helped us bring our vision to life.

We received high value and quality of an end usable product that we could then take to communicate to our team and management to get everyone working toward the same goal and end result that we wanted.


- CEO, Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc., & Project Captain, Reitium

"...has proven invaluable for our business."

My training session with Lacy provided me with an easy to understand introduction to Mailchimp and a customized strategic plan for email marketing.


She helped me clarify my welcome message and identify how this fits within the customer's larger email journey.


The opportunity to tap into her marketing knowledge and expertise has proven invaluable for our business.


We will be utilizing Black Fox Marketing as a resource as we grow and develop as a business.


- Founder, Wildernook Fresh Air Learning, & Punch Buggy Express

"...truly guided and supported me with becoming more intentional with my vision, brand and strategic marketing."

Consulting with Black Fox Marketing has helped me enormously.


Lacy truly guided and supported me with becoming more intentional with my vision, brand and strategic marketing.


I am constantly growing as a business due to the tools Lacy taught me. I highly recommend Black Fox Marketing to make your marketing much more effective.


- Blue Bean Design

"...was a pleasure to work with...always positive, incites confidence, super well organized, a great listener, highly creative, and very knowledgable!"

When I started my Wellness Business, I reached out to Lacy at Black Fox Marketing wanting help to set up my Website. Little did I know that she would help me with so much more than creating a beautiful Website.


Lacy led me through a series of exercises via zoom meetings to identify and build my brand. Once we nailed my brand, Lacy helped me to target the right audience. Not only did I get a beautiful Website that is uniquely Me, I now have a solid brand and a plan that is built on strong marketing strategies.

Lacy was a pleasure to work with. She is always positive, incites confidence, super well organized, a great listener, highly creative and very knowledgable! I highly recommend her!


- Founder, Denise Lawson Wellness

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