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Services explained.


Brace yourselves, because we're about to get a little wordy here (but that's okay because you did say you wanted to know more...).

Remember: No matter the service level, you'll receive strategic marketing, brand strategy, business development, and marketing coaching solutions. All are focused on growth, are tailored to your needs and those of your clientele, best represent your business, align to your brand, and help achieve your financial goals.

If you need support picking the one that's best suited to your needs or want to discuss custom solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Level A

  • Lead strategic marketing, tactic planning, brand strategy development and management, creative communications, and business development initiatives.

  • Aid in the identification of your ideal clientele (brand personas) and develop strategies, campaigns, and tactics to target and attract; providing guidance to your team through acquisition.

  • Support and provide guidance to your existing marketing team on:

    • Skills development and coaching

    • Implementation, management, and analysis of strategic plans and campaigns

    • Research and analytics

    • Managing client experience (acquisition, retention, and engagement)

    • Sales and lead generation efforts

    • Ad purchase negotiations

    • Sponsorship negotiations

    • Advertising, social/digital media, public relations, and event planning

  • Work within your existing marketing budget to develop cohesive marketing and branding plans, tactics, and campaigns targeted to your ideal clientele.

  • Alongside your leadership, participate in the monthly, quarterly, and annual strategic planning sessions.

Level B


  • All services listed in “Level A.”

  • Prepare and manage marketing budgets; allocating funds based on priority and necessity of strategies.

  • Report on budget spend on a quarterly and annual basis.

  • Develop and deploy targeted marketing campaigns; owning management from ideation to execution, analysis, and refinement.

  • Measure and report on marketing tactic and campaign performance.

  • Main conduit between your internal leadership and marketing teams and external freelancers and (marketing) service suppliers.

  • Provide leadership, coaching, and direction to internal marketing team.

  • Conduct market analysis and identify opportunities and challenges for growth.

  • Lead target pursuit, client experience, brand, and product/service initiatives.

  • Negotiate with media and community partners to guarantee advantageous advertising and sponsorship contracts.

  • Provide support on product and service pricing and sales forecasting.

  • Manage social media, digital advertising, and website design and performance.

Level C

  • All services listed in “Level A” and “Level B.”

  • Lead brand management, strategic marketing, business development, creative and communication strategies, public relations, research and analytics, revenue growth through marketing efforts, innovation, and strategic vision and direction.

  • Alongside leadership, set service and product pricing and sales forecasting.

  • Management of your marketing department:

    • Forecast hiring needs for the marketing department

    • Responsible for recruitment, contract negotiation, training, and management of the internal team and external freelancer database

    • Set current and long-term performance goals and measure against results

  • Responsible for the overall marketing results of your company.

  • Report to your ownership/leadership on marketing metrics and performance measured against results.

  • Establish and foster relationships with key industry stakeholders, partners, agencies, and vendors.

  • Monitor and track competitor activities.

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