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how to monetize
your brand identity

Register and pay by May 4 to receive a BONUS 1:1 strategy session with me.
Brand to Bank Masterclass.

Do any of these sound familiar:


  • You aren't consistently hitting your revenue targets

  • Costs are so tight you can't hire a new employee (even part time) to reduce your workload

  • You don't have the time or money to take that vacation you've been promising yourself

  • You're devoting so much of your "free time" (that you could spend with your family, reading, or drinking a margarita on a beach somewhere) to managing work tasks and responsibilities

  • You're posting content but you aren't getting near the following or engagement you had expected to get (and let's not even talk about that less than full lead funnel)

  • You aren't getting the clients/customers you want

  • And you're now at a point where you're not sure how you can fix it

If so, then you need to take this Masterclass. It is designed to solve those problems.

In it, you'll gain clarity on your personal brand, learn how to translate your authentic self into targeted messaging, create value-driven and consistent content, intentionalize your marketing strategies (so you can maximize your time, budget, and energy spent), and learn how to identify sales opportunities and build a community of raving fans.

Oh, and have it tied all together so you can attract amazing clients and start generating more revenue (boom!).

Every entrepreneur wants more time, money, and freedom. As your coach, I'll teach you how to get each while being authentic.

This masterclass is all about being authentic, focused, purposeful, and intentional.

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Lacy Lieffers
Coach | Strategist | Brand Expert
I believe...

Your brand is the storytelling portion of your journey and every brand deserves to be heard.

I've made it my mission to help every entrepreneur I meet get authentic, (find and) use their brand voice, transform their messaging, and gain intentionality in their marketing.

Being value-driven will win out over being revenue-driven every time.

I'll teach you how to level up your content so you can build a community of followers and long-lasting clients that truly believe in your value.

There's no value in not being authentic.

I'll coach you through building a marketing strategy that aligns with your brand, will create an experience for your audience, will maximize your time, budget, and energy spent, and will grow your business.

The job isn't done when the message is shared.

I'll teach you how to identify sales opportunities and create a self-generating revenue pipeline. Which really' money in the bank (with less stress from your end).

If you're ready to build a successful business by showing up as your authentic self, then don't miss out on this class.
May 9-13, 2022
12 - 1 pm daily (MST)
$347 CAD

This masterclass will be a LIVE working workshop.

And, yes, it's absolutely 5 hours split over 5 days (did you really think you'd solve those problems in an hour?)

I'll guide you through the same roadmap I've used with so many other solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. You'll be given the tools, time, and support needed to create your personal brand, targeted messaging, intentional marketing, and business development strategies.

Say yes to growing your business (not just surviving it day-to-day), say yes to beating your revenue goals (not just living paycheque to paycheque), and say yes to that vacation or that much needed solo (or family) time.

It's time to invest in yourself so you can start growing your business.

BONUS: Book by May 4 and receive a free 1:1 coaching session.

Masterclass Registration


"Brand to Bank" Masterclass

Thanks for registering. See you in class!

I can't wait to see you there!

In the meantime, check me out:

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